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Marcus E. Bishop artist show "Broken But Healed" ongoing for Black History Month

Click here to view Marcus Bishop interview on Vimeo

Marcus E. Bishop is native of Mississippi and currently resides in Atlanta Ga. He received his BFA in painting from Jackson State University in 1999, a BFA in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing from American InterContinental University in 2001 and a Masters of Fine Arts from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) 2013.

For eight years he worked as a Kindergarten educator for Atlanta Public Schools and three years as a Middle School Visual Arts Teacher for DeKalb County Schools. Bishop is constantly creating meaningful images by using multiple mediums such as; collage, photography, acrylics, pastels, watercolors and charcoal etc.

Additionally, he finds his inspiration reading books, watching documentaries, everyday surroundings, his students, people he may encounter on the streets of Atlanta, Ga. Bishop uses many techniques to enhance his artwork from its original state to a concept of historic meaning.

Finally, his ultimate goal encompasses tackling the sublime or insignificant and elevating the subjects to reflect dignity and substance.