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The Defoor Centre in Atlanta is now offering Live Streaming Event Video!

Live is here! Connecting in real time and PRESERVING PRECIOUS MEMORIES.

Defoor Center can now offer professional video streaming for your next event with Vimeo Live. Stream your special event live to friends, family or business associates  who cannot be there. We'll broadcast your event in full HD up to 1080p, with no ads before, during, or after your live stream. Enjoy best quality across devices, even with limited bandwidth.

After the live event is over you will still be able to access your event video on demand for up to 30 days, embed the video in your own social media sites, or request a DVD of the footage for a keepsake.

Great things come in sevens. Below are seven ways to enjoy our new streaming offerings:

  1. Family Events – Weddings, vow renewals, bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs and quinceaneras are all opportunities to share moments with family when an event is held far from home.
  2. Reunions and Social Events – With streaming, memories which will be treasured by all generations for many years to come can be created for family, high school, and college reunions.
  3. Performances – Music, dance, fashion shows, poetry readings from Defoor’s stage can have new audiences around the world, accessible by the Internet with streaming.
  4. Business Events and Training –  Special classes and seminars, offsite retreats, job promotions, annual meetings.
  5. Fundraisers –There are many ways to bring invited guests into an event who cannot attend, enhancing the fundraising effort.
  6. Theater dress rehearsals –They can be photographed and sent real time to an off-site producer, donor or critic for last-minute adjustments.
  7. Art shows –They are perfect for streaming. A known critic can speak on an artist’s work at openings, even interviewing that artist if present.


Full Service Webcast Package:  $899                                         

  • 1 producer, 2 cameras                 
  • 1 hour of live video streaming                        
  • Unlimited viewers                                        
  • 30 days video on demand (archive)
  • Webcast report on number of webcast visitors attending
  • Available in all venues

Premier Webcast Package:  $1,349
All the features of the Full Service package PLUS:

  • 1 producer, 1 videographer, 2 cameras
  • 2 hours total live video streaming