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About the Artist: Yari Mena

My body of work is essentially based on three things I lost this year; some are evident while others are left up to interpretation. My works revolve around these losses as well as the ideas of grief, hope, moving, the memories we keep related to these losses and how time can alter parts of those memories and leave other parts intact.

It is my personal belief that human memory is, at times, unreliable, and that we can trick ourselves into “rewriting” certain memories- as well as do so unintentionally. I’m guilty of using this as an unhealthy coping mechanism by rewriting sad or uncomfortable events in my life in order to make them less painful and allow me to move on easier. The processes used for some of these pieces involved layering, burning, sanding, painting over, and rearranging in order to become visualizations of my own frantic attempts to forget certain memories and hold on to others. My goal was to show these both ideas in plain sight through imagery and symbols as well to bury them under layers for viewers to sift through.