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About the Artist: Russell Jones

Russell Carter Jones was born in Athens, Georgia, and started painting at age 12. He received a full scholarship to study art at the University of Georgia, and later studied art at the University of California, Berkeley, before returning to Georgia.

While in California, Carter worked for “Filmore West” drawing and coloring rock concert posters. Since then his work has evolved into more serious works of impressionism and abstract expressionism.  Over the years, Carter has exhibited and sold his paintings throughout the United States.

In 2013, Carter lost 100% of his vision due to macular degeneration and was declared legally blind.  After a few months in the dark, Carter decided to undergo experimental procedures, which allowed him to regain 10 to 15% vision in one eye.  He continues to undergo this somewhat painful treatment to this day.  Russell Carter Jones now values his ability to paint more than ever, and has a renewed inspiration to create new paintings.