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About the Artist: Lindsey L. Tucker

My work focuses on capturing and connecting with our physical world and the people around us. I work in an array of subjects and materials in order explore a constant theme from different perspectives.

Connection, whether that be to a person or place, comes through understanding. It is human nature to feel connected to people or places that we understand on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level. My art encourages connection and understanding to the world and people around us by inviting the viewer into an active role in exploring, interpreting, and consuming the work. My art investigates the practice of letting go and accepting imperfection. As someone who tends to strive for perfection, I have come to hold on to imperfections that come when creating a piece. I allow those imperfections space to exist and find beauty within that imperfection.

In a time when our culture encourages quick consumption of information and images, I savor opportunities to see and understand something as it truly is, to notice what might otherwise be ignored in a passing glance. My paintings encourage slow enjoyment. They become a space where viewers can, if they choose, become more connected - to each other, nature, themselves, the earth, their spirituality. I create art as a way to better understand my own connections to the world in which we live and want viewers to do the same. Only we can choose to feel these connections, expand our knowledge, and change ourselves. Spending time with art to feel, understand, and see how it affects us, that is where changes begin to take hold.